Mr. Bill Interview

Mr. Bill is an amazing electronic music composer/producer, based in Windsor, Australia.

33ms: Your music is rather astonishing, where do you get your inspiration from?

Mr.Bill: I get my inspiration from a lot of different things, but I guess my experiences with previous music and stuff like that. I was in bands for a long time and went to a lot of gigs and built up inspiration from a lot of genres of music, a lot of different live performances I’ve seen in the past and so.

33ms: What musical instruments do you play?

Mr.Bill: I play pretty much anything I can get a tune out of, but primarily I play guitar and bass guitar and I play a bit of drums also.

33ms: Would you classify your music as  belonging to a certain genre?

Mr.Bill: No, I don’t think so, generally I try not to stick to one genre, the idea behind that is I simply get bored writing the same music everyday, so I just try and change it up everyday, so I don’t get bored of what I’m doing.

33ms: Do you have any specific customs or habits that get you into the zone to make music?

Mr.Bill: No, not necessarily, I generally just sit down and start writing and before I know it, I got half the track finished and I’m pretty much ready to go.

33ms: When you compose music does it come in a flow, or it takes time to build it up?

Mr.Bill: No, it usually comes up pretty quick, I only spend generally a day or two per track, not much longer than that, the longest time that I’d usually spend on a track is maybe like 3 or 4 days, it usually flows up pretty quickly.

33ms: When you make a song, does it come out as you hear it inside of you, or it gains a life on its own?

Mr.Bill: When I get an idea that I hear inside me, generally it comes up different, but it still has that same, I guess, purpose that I thought of in the first place, so it still has the same emotion behind it that I thought it would in my head, but it just sounds different.

33ms: What are you working on at the moment?

Mr.Bill: At the moment I just finished a new EP and done a couple of remixes for some collaborations in Australia and New Zealand. At the moment I’m not really working on anything I’m just trying to get this stuff released

33ms: Yes, I know, you just released your new album Suave, how long did it take you to make it?

Mr.Bill: Suave took a week and a half or 2 weeks.

33ms: Really???!!!

Mr.Bill: Yeah, I didn’t work on it for very long, pretty much it came out pretty quickly. Suave it’s kind of weird, it’s a pretty formulated album, and it doesn’t really require to much thought to get stuff like that out I guess. It’s kind of, sort of basic formula music for dance floors.

33ms: Did you had a certain theme in mind when you composed it?

Mr.Bill: Oh yeah, the name Suave says it all, it’s all about classy music and it’s designed for clubs and designed for sipping wine to and stuff, it’s got a lot of sort of jazzy chord progressions in it, and just reminded me of classy music.

33ms: Does your music have a story, maybe a visual story when you are composing it? And if yes could you give an example.

Mr.Bill: Well up until this last EP i have just written, entitled “The Designer” (which is currently unreleased), no, it did not have a story.

But The Designer is basically 5 musical pieces that describe the general sort of emotion you may come across when taking amphetamines in my opinion. Suave kind of had a story line in the sense that it was all based on “classy” music. However it wasn’t so much a story as much as just a vibe. Im recently getting more in to the conceptual side of music.

33ms: I know that you use a Mac and Ableton Live to make your music, what are your other tools?

Mr.Bill: I use a couple of midi controllers like a Korg Pad Kontroller and an APC 40, and just a various bunch of microphones, that I use to record random noises; like an Olympus LS10 field recorder and a couple of dynamic microphones. Apart from that I use a synthesizer sometimes, a Roland SH-201, but I rarely use that, and just an assortment of plug-ins pretty much.

33ms: How do you find the music scene in Australia?

Mr.Bill: I think it’s good, it’s definitely better than some other countries, but it could be better, I think, especially for the electronic music scene. For live, band music, it’s going pretty well, but I think electronic music could probably be better.

33ms: Do you find the cities are the same music scene vise, or as you move to different cities in Australia the taste changes as well?

Mr.Bill: Yea, through different scenes the taste changes for sure, there is definitely a bit of a Breakcore Drum & Bass scene over here and there is also a Psy Trance scene, a BreakBeat scene and House and Electro scene, there is definitely different sounds happening in all of them.

33ms: What do you think of the audiences outside the big cities? I was at a gig that you played in Windsor, your hometown, and I enjoyed the atmosphere there more than Sydney.

Mr.Bill: I like the kind of chilled out atmosphere you get in the smaller gigs, but it’s definitely fun to have a big dance floor as well. I think the smaller gigs and the bigger gigs definitely have a different vibe and personally I don’t really have a preference, I’d like to have a mixture of both I guess

33ms: How do you feel about being a musician these days, that basically means being a composer, producer, sound engineer, graphic designer, web designer, web master, and find and promote your gigs as well?

Mr.Bill: I think it’s good, I think it really allows people’s creativity to come through, and especially like you just said, you have to do all these things at once, so it kinda keeps you pretty busy and you’re not really relying on anyone else to get your product sorted, you’re doing it all yourself and I think that’s good.

33ms: You prefer doing that instead of  focusing just on one or two things?

Yeah, I don’t have a problem with that, lately I’ve been getting other people to do my art, but I really do think it’s a good thing to kinda have a big say on everything you do, whereas with the bigger record labels they kinda choose the art, they kinda choose how it gets released and all that stuff, I kinda think it’s good to have all that say in what you do with your project.

33ms: And last question, what are your favorite things outside music?

Mr.Bill: I don’t really do much other than music, I study and I pretty much write it everyday, apart from that, hanging out with Sophie, and yeah that’s about it, playing music.

33ms: Yeah, thanks a lot.

Mr.Bill: Allright.

You can find more about Mr. Bill’s music by visiting his website:

Here you can download most of Mr. Bill’s music for free, but you should pay for it if you can afford to,  get Ableton Live lessons and heaps of other stuff.

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