Florian Mosca – Travel Adventurer – Go-With-Flo.net

You are a cameraman who is morphing into a director/producer, what is on your table at the moment?

As a cameraman, and also Editor, I started to create short travel clips, fun and entertaining. Now I’m producing a 52min travel show about Australia, a bunch of travel videos through Europe, and I feed a blog with weekly videos about crazy stuff I do with my friends when I travel! It’s like, the back stages of Adventure!

You are putting the finishing touches on your documentary about Australia, could you explain a little bit what it is about?

“OZ Ta Vie, Go-With-Flo En OZtralie” in french, “Dare Your Life, Go With Flo To OZtralia” in english. It’s a road movie, you get to follow me around Australia at age 19, after leaving behind my cozy life in a small village in the french Alpes. Through my story I show Australia, East Coast, South Coast, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, the Outback, Coober Pedy… And many other places. Through interviewing young backpackers I show facts about Australia, nature, parties, alcohol, girls… So it’s a bunch of fun stories and nice landscapes! I wish I can convince people to travel more, open their minds, and be in control of their lives, this is the message!

You have your own travel website @ http://www.go-with-flo.net, could you explain how it works?

My website is home of all of my videos, it’s an aboriginal styled world map, where you can click on the dot of a city and get a free 4 min “Go-with-Flo” travel show. Then you can buy the 8min full version, or even the whole “Europe” DVD. My videos are aimed at young travelers, I don’t want to show anymore castles, bridges… Here in Europe, even my house is 250 years old! I want to show what people do today, partying, drinking culture, new art, boys and girls, and fun facts! I really believe in internet, and the world of documentary is really lacking a “couchsurfing style documentary”, this is when I come in!

Why did you decide to do a travel website, instead of working for television for example?

I’m not interested in having a 9 to 5 job working for TV, I may as well clean the dishes in a restaurant… I always liked doing my own stuff, because I like to be involved, to create something, to get reactions, and to spread the adventure. Today with internet I can show any of my videos, without any producer telling me how long it should be, or what I should show, and how! When you watch my videos, you see me, my friends, my adventures, and it’s real! It’s really hard to survive like this at the moment, but internet is evolving a lot, the business too, and I think we are living through really interesting times!

How do you get the funding to travel to all those places?

The funding for traveling? It’s what people always ask! Well, I always answer that in Europe, if you fly with Ryan Air, for 40 euros a flight, then sleep at some peoples places for free with couchsurfing, then party a little bit, you don’t really waste money, and actually, if you go towards Eastern Europe, you may end up just saving some money! Since everything is so cheap! Then for bigger trips, like Mexico, I won it through a travel video contest!

What are your toys?

My toys? hehe! A HDV video camera, Canon HV30, which gives an amazing performance considering the size of the camera! I like to look just like any tourist with my camera, so I blend in! I get real reactions, real fun. People don’t understand that i’m actually doing cinema with that small camera! I edit all my stuff on Final cut Pro, on a MacBook Pro, brilliant piece of gear. But really, nothing is complicated in the making of my travel shows, I like to make it short, interesting, dynamic, and I use my own face to host the show! haha.

What happened to your tooth?

My tooth! Haha! I got a basic infection while I was in Sweden, and I realized that the great swedish system put me on a 4 to 5 month waiting list to fix me… And it hurt so bad that I couldn’t sleep! This is when I took my car and drove 2500km over 3 days to get my tooth fixed in France! I always like to talk shit about France, my home country, but today, i got my tooth fixed, for free, and this is a 1-0 for France against Swedish crappy healthcare system!

You are French, living in Sweden, what next?

Good question! I’d say I’m gonna stay in Sweden for a while, it’s a peaceful country, full of smiling people, they never hurt each other, and they have all the money in Europe! So I guess, when I’ll relocate, I’ll head towards… maybe Czech Republic, South East Asia, and why not go back to Australia to live there for a while! This is total Exclusive, don’t tell my parents! haha.

You can catch Flo on his adventures here:




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