Celine Eimann – Graphic Artist

Could you start by introducing the kind of work that you do, and your background?

I think you could say I’m the creative type. I started by painting, then gradually expended my horizons to graphic design, illustrations, and more recently writing for children as well. My work is a mix and match of different technics and media. I enjoy playing with texture and colors…

What made you start painting and doing other kinds of artwork?

I always loved to draw. I found my primary school reports and they were saying:
“ Celine is lacking focus in class as she’s always drawing more than listening”
“ Celine makes beautiful drawings, but could participate more in class”.

I never considered taking that seriously until I accompanied a friend to visit this art school she wanted to pursue her studies in. Once I got there, the smell of paint and clay in the air, and all those colorful artworks everywhere, I just didn’t want to leave! I tried out painting, sculpting, photography… to finally mix them all. I vaguely knew about design, but with my more “formal” training, it was considered as two different worlds: fine arts or design. At that point I had never touched a computer. I didn’t have one at home. For one of my school projects I designed a picture book and I did the whole thing by hand rather than even having a look at what the digital possibilities were! I could not imagine not touching and feeling the material…I thought it would be soulless. I had a whole bunch of prejudices.
Then I had to make artworks for a project and I gave the design part to a “specialist”… And I hated the results. Surely it could have been better… So I bought my first computer and started learning on my own, I eventually went back to school and studied design.

How do you get your ideas?

Well, it’s a difficult question…
With time I realized than inspiration can be everywhere! I collect stuff during the day. Things I find and like. I might not know what I’m going to do with it, but I keep it, or I take a picture of it with my phone. Sometime a snippet of people talking in the bus. I write things down. Then I have all this to help me out if I’m stuck in a project. It rarely happens now.
Sometimes I see a whole complete project in a instant. It’s what happened with my first children book. I woke up in the middle of the night and wrote the whole story, seeing all the images in my head, never in a million years I thought I’d would write, but there it was! I really don’t know where that came from! But that’s an exhilarating feeling for sure.

You are Swiss, but lived for a number of years in Australia, has this had an impact on your view of the world, has this had an impact on your art?

Living in Australia has definitely changed my life, I’m not sure if it is “Australia” in particular but the fact that I went out of my home country and got exposed to different culture, horizon and life style changed me, I grew a lot as a person and art is just an aspect of me, so it grew and evolved with me.

How do you see Switzerland, and even Europe as an environment for an artist, after you have been to Australia?

MMmmm… I guess they both have great things to offer.
I didn’t realize that before I moved Down Under, but I’d say Switzerland has a geographic asset. You can be in any of the magnificent artistic cities in a few hours. And when you have lived in Australia subjectively far way from everything you come to appreciate that. I mean when I was an art student I went to Paris for a sketching trip and stayed in legendary Montmartre, went to Rome, Barcelona, etc… I guess you are very close to all this amazing variety of great art and richness of cultures.
On the other hand Switzerland might not (and this is all very subjective) be as open-minded as Australia.
Australia gave me the feeling that anything is possible if you work hard for it, I think it reflects in the community that I found less competitive as there should be room for everyone. I see Switzerland as an environment maybe less fresh and positive.

In the last year, everything seems to come together for you, pretty much the way you want it, could you elaborate on this reality shift?

It’s true that if you had told me 2 years ago that I’d be where I am now in different aspect of my life I wouldn’t have believed you! I’d say the shifts started maybe a few years back.

I guess you can say I had many limiting beliefs concerning what I could expect from myself and life in general.
I was the kind of person who would prepare for the worst in case it happened 😉
I had the chance to meet people who helped me realize that there is a way to go after you dreams, and enjoy the process.

I got coaching and gradually shifted my thinking towards more positive and empowering outcomes. It’s like when you are driving, the car goes where you are looking, so you better look for the right destination and set up clear goals.

That doesn’t mean everything is perfect, but I enjoy the journey.

What are your current projects, or projects that you just finished?

I’m just putting the finishing touches on two children books soon published by IP Kidz.
They’ll be out and about at the beginning of 2011.That’s very exciting.
They are also two “grown ups” books I illustrated for a swiss publisher (Editions Notari), that should be on the shelves in the coming months as well.
I also have another 3 other picture books projects where the text is ready, and I am working on the illustrations.
It seems than this year I’ll be very busy illustrating other worlds 🙂

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