The Thylacines

The Thylacines are John Wineberg, Dan Castro and Jason Moresby, a Sydney based psychedelic blues band that sound like… like… well, better go to their MySpace page and listen 🙂

Here is a bit about The Thylacines through the words of John Wineberg.

Can you tell the story of forming the Thylacines?

When I came to Australia in October 2009 it was vey hard finding musicians to jam with. I had posted ads everywhere online but nothing happened. 6 months down the line i caught an ad only 15 mins old, posted on Gumtree for a drummer and bassist looking for a guitarist/singer. I jumped on it and met up with Jason (drummer) to chat and arrange a jam. We clicked straight away and knew that this was gona work out. Its sounded awesome from the 1234….

How did you decide on the name of Thylacines?

Dan, our bassist is a very smart guy, he came up with it and he’s from Barcelona.

Have you ever been to Tasmania?

I haven’t personally been to Tasmania, but Dan has been, and Jason was born in Tassie and grew up there.

You did play for a number of years in the UK, you are in Australia for less than a year and you are already playing the Annandale and having a meeting with Sony Music, do you think stars are aligned better Down Under for you?

I had a good feeling about my move to Australia. People are a lot more open minded to different music styles here. The UK follows more trends and If you don’t look and sound like last weeks band nobody wants to know you. I’m excited about being a part of the OZ music scene.

How do you find the live music scene in Sydney?

Like anywhere, Sydney has its good and bad but when they are good they kick ass. I’ve seen some great bands over the last year in Sydney.

Is the trio the best configuration for the Thylacines or you’re looking to expand the band, maybe with another guitar player or a keyboard player?

We love the fact that we play in a 3 piece band, and we gel together so well, but there have been talks of an organ player, maybe just for some recordings.

What do you think of internet piracy?

It’s always a hard one to answer really. I personally buy all of my music from music stores or ITunes. I see the point in complaints if everyone was doing it, but most people still like to collect. I don’t mind all that much if people download some of my tunes, they’ll only spread the word. Too many artists are in it for the big bucks.

You have recently met or will be meeting with Sony Music, can you share something about that?

We did recently meet up with someone at Sony, but for now I would like to keep that under the cuff.

You just recorded 4 songs, where did you do it and how did that go?

We did just record 4 tracks. It was the first recording with the band and it went really well. Its nice to work alongside experienced musicians.

What are your influences as a vocalist, guitarist and overall musician?

I have so many different influences in music, but vocally Howlin’ Wolf is the most influentual. I was brought up listening to bands like Cream, Led Zep, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Pink Floyd from a very young age, I have my uncle to thank for that. I do also love Syd Barrets Pink Floyd a lot. 🙂

Are you going to Wembley in November?, can you give us some details?

Wembley was a joke by our very funny drummer, but who knows might happen.

You can listen, find out live dates and learn more about The Thylacines on their MySpace page here:

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2 responses

  1. Sam Anderson

    You better come back and play edinburgh!!!

    Just like old son!!!

    February 23, 2011 at 8:08 am

  2. Caroline

    Amazing Amazing Amazing!

    March 23, 2011 at 1:37 am

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