Secuem – English Version

What does Secuem mean and where is it coming from?

“Secuem” is the result of various manglings between my name’s and surname’s initials, S and M. I played with these letters thinking what the options would be… I wanted something easy to pronounce, but something that you won’t immediately find on Google….
That’s how I got “Scum”, “Escuem”, “ESCM”, but neither sounded right..
Finally I went with “Secuem”. It was easy to pronounce, I felt it represented me and of course… I couldn’t find it on Google :))

It doesn’t mean anything it’s just, the letter “S” with (cu in Romanian) “M”

I saw you have more remixes (some of them impressive) than orgininal material on soundcloud; do you prefer/get more inspired to work on an already existing idea?

It’s true, there are several remixes there, some of them impressive, thank you, I like the way they sound, and how they’re crafted technically.

I get inspired by a lot of things, from the sound of the vacuum cleaner which over imposes itself over the sound of the neighbors power drill, to the gypsy woman outside screaming “I buuuuy booootleees” (happens in Romania). I don’t have a standard workflow for making a song or a remix, I try not to impose limits on myself, to be as free as possible. I like to make remixes as much as I like making my own music, the problem with my own music is that I haven’t yet found a formula, the missing piece, for them to be 100% complete and express my idea, the missing piece being a feminine voice to be precise, and until now I haven’t found it.

How did u get started with music?

I started by listening a lot, a whole lot, everywhere. When I was 8-9 years old I would listen during holidays in the country side: Modern Talking, Sandra, Sabrina, Italo Disco etc.

My first contact with the music that was about to mark me was at 11 years old, when I first heard World In My Eyes – Depeche Mode something clicked… Violator was the first album I bought, which I listened to endlessly and listened to second by second. I had no idea then what a cymbal, hihat, kick, synth, pad were, but I was listening to every single sound and tone from that album. To this day I think it’s a masterpiece.

I started making music myself around ’98, I had my first band with 4 friends. We were called “Baros” (Sledgehammer) and we were playing some kind of fuck off and die industrial electro rock, a lot of Nine Inch Nails influence. We loved what we were doing and we thought we owned the world. It lasted about 2 years, until it mellowed down and each of us went their own way.

How/where did you learn to produce?

I opened a DAW for the first time around ’98 as well, Cakewalk using a Pentium 2, I was doing the song structures for ”Baros”. Drums, Bass, pads, synth, pretty much everything. I would put them on tape and we would listen to it, everyone would have input, made lyrics and that’s how the songs were coming out, it was fun. I want to thank my friend Radu Marza, who showed me how to produce music on a computer.

I stopped arounf 2001, and didn’t start again until 2009, when I discovered Ableton (because of Radu again) and the Secuem story started. The difference between ’98 and 2009 was huge, it was much more simple, information travels differently, finding out things is much easier.

Since 2009 I’m trying to bring my ideas to life, remixes, own songs, etc. Sometimes it comes out exactly how I want it, sometimes not, but that’s how it goes.

Passion, relaxation, patience, a lot of work is what you need, ….the rest is silence 🙂

What is your instrument if you can say so?

My first musical instrument that I’ve put my hand on and managed to play was the guitar, these days I play the keyboards as well when I compose, but I can’t say I know how to play it…

So final answer guitar.

#6 What are your future plans?

I’ve met a lot of new, very interesting people since I’ve restarted making music, I’ve become friends with lots of them and we started “baking”, cooking ideas, concepts and directions connected to music. Besides my Secuem project I play samples, fx, looping, etc. in Viky Red’s live band.

For the future I see myself still making music, alongside my main craft which is Architecture.

As the philosopher says: “Without music, life would be a mistake”. I don’t see myself as a frontman in a band, maybe in the back somewhere, more like in the producer’s chair, in the studio, playing keys, guitar, making tracks, remixes, just like now, only on a bigger scale, it would have to be outside Romania, maybe Berlin or London 🙂

Name 3 tracks (anything by your own) who people that read this interview should listed to.

Yeaaah, I would name 3 bilion tracks that inspired me and got into my bones, I won’t name classic tracks like Depeche, Nin and others, we all know and love those, they are living legends that made history.

I propose 3 tracks that I found by accident when I listened to them, and even if the earth would be burning I would still have stayed and listened to them to the end

1. Phantogram – When I’m Small

2. Miike Snow – Black & Blue

3. Justice – DVNO

You can find Secuem here:

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