Poetrip Interview

There is something New and Primordial, coming from The Depths of the Unconscious, that hasn’t been before in Romania, and it will come in bigger and bigger waves. I don’t think anybody truly realized what happened Saturday night in Londophone, the significance of the moment..

What you should know about this interview is that Poetrip got all the questions in one block, and as you can see, they’ve been chosen in a way, so that the interview develops freely.

Even if it looks like some of the questions have been asked after the previous answer it’s not the case.

What is Poetrip?

Stefan: Poetrip is our play with music. I’ve been reluctant to approach music, the musicians I admire are so many and their level so high, that it makes you wander who would want to listen to a tone deaf teddybear?…
Then I met Oana, and she was into it, after that other joined in.

Oana: A free form of self expression, a playful attempt to change people’s perspective of things, using humor and creativity.


Oana: Because writing was not enough for me anymore, I wanted to express myself in other ways. Broader, more universal.

Stefan: I tried analyzing myself, because I would’ve been disappointed of myself to discover that the reason I’m doing this is for “fame”, even if I don’t like to admit it. When I remember how I was fascinated by the piano keys, I calm myself down. I never had formal piano lessons, but I would spend hours exploring it’s sounds. Once I was visiting an aunt, that was living abroad, who was a modern music composer, my mom was a bit tired of my experiments, and she wanted to stop me from playing, but I heard my aunt Verona, saying that she liked it, that it reminded her of her husbands compositions. I see this as a comic event and don’t hold any other significance for it except that. But I know for sure that, that way of playing the piano is lost, unfortunately I can’t play like that today anymore. This is why I like to see someone who picks up the guitar for the first time, in that moment you can tell by the way of interaction with the strings, without really knowing what she/he is doing, if that person has something to say, regardless if they have an ear for music or not. Because right after they learn 2-3 chords, everything goes down the drain. There used to be a guy, Picasso that was fascinated by the drawings children would make and by cave paintings.

How’s life in Romania?

Oana: It’s unique, funny, sometimes touching, tiring and annoying sometimes. Like any country. 🙂

Stefan: I have never felt I had roots anywhere, but neither being trapped. That’s why I stayed in this country, there’s nowhere I can run from myself. I don’t see the world in political borders, so for this question to have sense for me, it would have to be “How’s life on earth?” how should it be? I don’t have any other terms to compare…

How’s life in Bucharest?

Stefan: I heard a lot of stories back in the depths of Moldavia where I come from, before I moved to Bucharest about 6 years ago, and to my surprise it’s not that bad.
In the meantime I’ve collected a stack of threat tickets from angry people because I used “their” parking space. Looking at the blocks of flats I see lots of mud huts, layered one on top of the other. I made lots of really good friends here, but I realized at a point that a lot of them are not from Bucharest.

Oana: After living a year and a half in Târgu Jiu, Bucharest seems chaotic and tiring, almost the same as the first day I came here and I was afraid to cross the street.


Oana: Anywhere we’re called.

Until when?

Oana: Until I get bored, but I doubt that I’m ever gonna get bored expressing myself.

How so?

Oana: I don’t really stop too often to wonder why…

What are you doing?

Oana: We’re waiting for the end of the world, when it will be revealed that we were right.

Why not the other way around?

Oana: You can always do it the other way around, I have nothing against it.

How many beers can you handle until you’re drunk?

Stefan: I don’t understand: sometimes I’m smashed from the first few sips, a high school kind of a beer buzz, other times I drink 4, 6, 8, 12, 20 beers a night and I’m still fine, only that I can’t stop although the beer doesn’t have any taste anymore.

Oana: I dunno, I haven’t gotten drunk from beer in a long time. I can tell you how many nails (joints) I can pound though: until the walls ain’t holding anymore.

Are you casting pearls on the swine, or with time they’re gonna become butterflies?

Stefan: Yes, we’re pouring pearls into the hod without any regrets, I dunno if the pigs are going to transform into butterflies, or maybe we will.

Oana: We throw it to the pigs as well, anybody deserves to enjoy pearls. I find it nasty to classify and decide who deserves and who doesn’t.

Poetrip is already a dream, what is Poetrip’s dream?

Oana: To be an as universal dream as possible and to encapsulate the essence of the essence. The essence of Man, a dream about what all people have in common.

Stefan: Poetrip’s dream is Poetrip’s nightmare, in the sense that we are trying to keep up. We have no idea where we are going, we’re ourselves surprised by the places Poetrip is leading us to. We started playing in the garage, and we’ve become something completely different. If you would’ve asked me 2 years ago to listen to some of the songs we’re playing now, I would’ve never thought we would get to this point. And we’re back to “why?”, because I listen to a ton of music, from John Zorn to Vector Lovers and from Blonde Redhead to Sufjan Stevens. Isn’t it a bit defiant to think that there is still something missing in this world? Maybe. Anyway, there is music all of the above are not playing, and I’d like to listen to it. That is the music that is left for us to play, that’s why Poetrip exists.

Could you name 3 songs that people who read this interview should listen to…

Emmanuel & the fear – jimme’s song

Matze – Unde este vulpea

Ataxia – Dust

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