Dana Berghes Interview

Dana Berghes, what’s it like to be an impresario, upsides, downsides?

I’m not an impresario :), I have friends that make nice music, and I describe thier activity on my website, that’s it. I try to support them because I don’t like seeing them by themselves, I think if you’re a musician or a DJ, you shouldn’t have to know how to express yourself in words… so all I do is try to promote them. From here to being an impresario is a long way.

Do you think Romania is a good environment for something like this (freelance impresario), especially for young antrepreneurs?

No, definitely not! Until you get to a floating point you have to tire yourself with side jobs to support yourself, or to get involved in a billion of little somethings to survive. Instead of torturing yourself into being an impresario, especially if you’re a young beginner, better do it as a hobby and have patience.
Would you like to transform yourself sooner or later in a record label? 

This would be an unbelievable dream, but I still have too much to learn for this, and I don’t know if I’ll have enough energy.

Is perception for events in other cities different than in Bucharest, if yes, how?

I can only imagine, that it’s not the same everywhere, but I haven’t been to other cities that often to have an oppinion. I’ve seen much better crowd in Cluj, people who truly appreciate the events and places where they happen, because they’re not yet oversaturated. In Bucharest, because there are so many events, people don’t pay that much attention to quality. People in other cities are more relaxed when they party than Bucharest, that is my perception, but if they want to catch the shows with the big names, they’ll have to come to Bucharest.

Besides hardcore groups, that each go to the events they like, Romanians are not used to pay, or pay too much for events, and honestly they don’t even drink that much (here I’m talking about social drinking to loosen up, not drinking to lose your mind). Some people, simply don’t have the money to do this, what do you think are the factors that impede this, and how could a “going out” culture be created, going out as a normal thing, not as a special event. Here I’m also talking about people understanding that the artist is not a hologram that appears when the crowd feels like it, to entertain them and that the artists need to eat as well and the gear that they need to perform does not grow on trees in their back gardens.

I think the most important element, regardless of money or the going out offer, or any social or cultural factor is the way you’ve been educated. I know families that would never go to theater, film, and the best social gathering they would attend to, most of the time by chance, would be going/stumbling upon somewhere in the weekend to some boring value less free event. When you grow up like this, it’s complicated to understand why beer at an event doesn’t cost the same as in the supermarket, or why do you have to pay to enter and have no passouts.

Dana Banana comes from?

Gojira used to smooch me like this, and this is what the kids were calling me when I was little, and I would come home with bruised knees. When I chose the admin name for the website, it felt natural…

Banana Society comes from?

Well… I was talking with Gojira again, and our best friend about a year ago or so? And I was looking for a name for what I’m trying to make. I would often hear about unfortunate incidents about the way artists are being represented and the way they are treated in the media, I also wanted to create a centralized spring for the all the content I generate. Obviously I don’t have enough time to focus on it, as I’d like to, considering, I’m juggling between festivals, events, my 4th Uni, and so on, but I’ve decided to build in time. This little online nook, this little cloud, needed to be called something, and I was thinking if everybody would be like me, everything would be so much nicer and better and positive, so more bananas, means a better society right?

And what do you do actually?

I’m studying to become a psihotherapist and in the meantime I also walk the dog, between a few events and the German classes I teach, and writing on the website, and writing on paper, stuff I’d never publish. I’m obsessed with music and I’m very naive, like I fall in love with guys based on their musical taste, and this is a truth that’s been going on since I was 14, that I’ve been admitting it in the last 2… I like to think that all the experience I’ve gathered on the axis time vs information only helps me to help others on a certain level and this is the motivational resort, that makes me do what I do, or at least I try.

How many beers can you handle until you’re wasted?

What does wasted mean? Wasted like typsy like 3 beers or wasted like walking aimlessly with sunglasses at 3am in Amzei Square… like half a liter of palinka (50%) and 3 beers on top? I’m not used to drink like that anymore and I’ve quit smoking about half a year ago, when I decided I was not at all the person I hoped to be at 23, in what concerns personal identification+activities+habits.

Your Dream is….

To have my children and my friends children run side by side in cute holidays, which we would have togheter after we get all the depravations, parties and time wasting activites in various desolate contexts out of our heads, and we won’t be running after professional or financial realization, and we would have enough focus and motivation to become completely mature and exercise our vital functions in ways that are truly constructive and enlightening. And besides this: just art.

What’s in your owen (or microwave) right now as far as plans?

I’ve just finished salmon with avocado and tomatoes and I rushed to read this until the end… I hope to finish soon an essay collection, but I’m not in a hurry. I’m in a place where I watch 2 films a day and I suck as much music as my ears can take. Let’s see where all this cerebral absorbtion leads to…

What 3 films and 3 songs the people who read this interview should watch/listen?

Well Brave,

because it’s an animation I watched with my best friend and it carressed our soul and we had a great laugh… Pixar is way better than Disney and this is basically a film, it’s very well written.


because it’s the natural continuation after Amores Perros și 21 Grams, made to make you cry for a reason and make you push yuourself beying your limits.

And now I can’t decide between

Le gamin au velo and La prima cosa bella…

because the tear I shed watching the first one, stays in my memory and the level of emotional turn I got on the day I went to watch it, but also the laughter I got with the second one… And I watched both with eaxctly the right person for the event!

As far as listening goes, do audiobooks count? If so, everybody should be able to recite from Eckhardt Tolle’s A New Earth!!! And if audiobooks don’t count, then yes, I’ve got 3 songs, but they are so personal from deep down inside, that I can’t believe I’m transcribing them on the notepad from my soul…

It would be Saint Germain – Sure Thing,

I can’t decide between:

Kazi Ploae – 13 ceruri

The XX – VCR

and Subcarpați – Atât de personal

I’ve scanned all the tunes that I’ve had on repeat lately and I can see, as usual it’s a chaotic mix, but I assune it happens to everyone who wash their ears with sound, but I know for sure what the 3rd track is:

Gojira – No more.

Sweet IDM times !

You can find Dana here:


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