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There should be a really clear distinction between photographers, and photoshographers…

It’s not the same thing, and that includes cropping too…

A photographer can usually be a photoshographer, but not so much the other way around.

The disctinction lies in the fact that a photographer knows how to use a camera and photoshop, while the photoshographer only knows how to use photoshop.

If you would see a photoshographer’s raw material you would cringe most of the time….

You may have post production skills, and a nice camera, more expensive than you deserve and more complex than you can handle, but that doesn’t make you a photographer.

You don’t know how to use your camera or how to take a photo, so don’t pose as a photographer, because you’re not…

There is nothing wrong with using photoshop, everybody does, but it’s wrong being a photoshopper and calling yourself a photographer.

Images should come with a content label, like packaged food does:

This image is made from 3 different pictures and has been 76% photoshopped.

If you wanna be called a photographer, learn your shit.

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