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Zuckerberg admits online piracy is good

Zuckerberg is basically saying: ONLINE PIRACY IS GOOD (which is true, but finally one of the big names admits it)

“By making basic access to those things free, people would actually end up discovering more content on a sustainable basis, then accessing and using more data than they would otherwise. It would end up being a very profitable model for carriers. Operators will make more money from the new people who can pay than it will cost them offer the free services.”

He doesn’t say it directly, but piracy works in the same way.

People are exposed to new music/film, etc. through piracy and end up spending more or spending on things they would have not spent on, because they did not know about them before, because they did not have access to them, and through piracy they found access to them, found a new interest that they’re gonna spend on.

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