Experiment played

“Experiment played a particularly significant role in the evolution of the percussion sounds, as Moulder explains: “We got bored one day and we started doing some drum sounds. We set up a drum kit and we decided to have the drums trigger the synth and stick it through the PA. I tuned the drums because there wasn’t anyone else there, and I tuned them really low and really badly, and really quickly that started to sound amazing; a mixture of the natural and the synthesized going through a PA in a room, recorded with ambient mics. That then started vibrating some acoustic guitars that were hanging around, so we tuned those to a chord, put a compressor pedal on them and recorded them DI. The result was a whole load of drum sounds which we used on a lot of the tracks on the album.”



Passion and Warfare

I’m fearless in my heart.
They will always see that in my eyes.
I am the passion; I am the warfare.
I will never Stop…
Always constant, accurate, and intense.

Turn the frown into a Smile

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